shiro wa gp mourning her child

This year’s September has
turn to be a menace and all
that is tickling around are
just sounds of bad news all
over.From accidents, deaths
to Dead Beat Parent
As if that is not enough, I
just learnt that Gospel
“Agiginyani” singer Shiru
Wa GP is mourning after
she lost one of her new
born twin child.
The Disturbing part of the
whole tragic story is that,
Baby Anthony died a day
before he celebrated his
one-year- old birthday on
11th of September 2014
was born on 12th August
2014 and a twin to baby
I came to learn of the loss
after the Songstress posted
this on her Social Media
“The longer the
wilderness the greater
the glory. …#Magerio
Maya ti magutunina#God
renew my strength and
my family’s”
The child will be laid to rest
tomorrow on Thursday at
Kiambu Mugumo.