Shipping to Kenya - Potential game changer

I don’t know if anybody else has received the promotion email from Paypal advertising Mall for Africa. They are entering the Kenyan market in the near future. I don’t know about their rates yet but they seem like the promised land in terms of shipping charges. This is based on their charges for Nigerians.
Their Kenyan website is already up. Also check Playstore for their “Mall for Kenya” app. They are offering $10 off on the first item bought

Mimi kama Mbugua(pronounce like faimba), I’ve gone ahead and hoarded their twitter handles. Proprietors if your reading this, sitaki 50M. I just want a few items shipped on the house. Ksh. 20,000 is also good:D:D:D



Downloading wallahi:):):slight_smile:

I’m lost here. Do you mean to say that paypal will be offering shipping services to Kenya?

No. Paypal has patnered with MallforAfrica in some way. I’m not sure how but they (MallforAfrica) are offering $10 off for items payed for via Paypal. In return, if you have a Paypal account, you should have received an email yesterday advertising the service.

Currently, the Kenyan version, is up but still under testing. They say they have yet to open a pickup point, thus delivery is door-to-door. Visiting their Nigerian site will give you an idea of how they operate. They have a network of pickup points around the country, for convinience. Shipping charges as I’ve seen elswhere are friendly. Tax payments on items shipped are included in the price you pay. How much that will affect the final price is unknown yet. But if their shipping charges remain the same as those for Nigerian - and tax is at par with those of other shipment companies here. Kina Kentext na Vitumob watavuka border.
Let’s sit and watch for the next few weeks.

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Thank you for the clarification. I’ll be watching this keenly.

Interesting. At least we will be able to order for American products whose quality cannot be compared to products imported from Middle east and far east.

It’s useless. The available shops ni akina Victoria secrets za kununua sockssocks, bra na chupi :frowning:

@The_Virus when I contacted support, they were quick to reply. Seems they are still skimming through Kenyan tax laws. Different items lie in different tax brackets, yet you can only charge the customer once, before shipping. Hopefully like the Nigerian enterprise, we’ll have both Amazon UK & US.

For now, you can just try Walmart. I searched for a phone in the app and it brought several.

Things are still in the early stages. The chrome add-on for one is still shitty. Tutangoja tu.

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Thanks a lot. Hope they can get Amazon, Ebay and Overstock

EBay walisema apana. It’s the equivalent of Olx and they can’t guarantee goods from unverified seller.

In other news, I just noticed you can order on-contract phones from Walmart. I don’t know if they’d reject such orders juu simu ya $400 unaeza nunua na $50 tutumie box ku-unlock;)

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DHL failed to take up this opportunity and stuck to their high end clientele. siku moja watalia. Fedex are stuck in Gigiri. Posta hata tusiongee

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The DHLs and Fedexs of this world are completely clueless on how to do biz in a market like Kenya. One day soon watalia. Chuma chao ki motoni. Posta Kenya hata usitaje. It takes them over a month to respond to a simple email.

Who has used China Post Air Parcel.

sijui. But that will definitely land at the post office. Then you will cry

I have. As well as Sweden Post, HK Post and Singapore post. They always land at City Square Post Office (Haile Selassie) who then contact you to schedule a pick-up. Never faced a problem.

Any taxes included for small packages? Whats the estimated delivery time from China to Kenya.

Reminds me of the shenanigans of DHL recently. Si unajua sisi watu wa ASAS are always buying gadgets online. Funny thing is, they’ll charge more to ship from, say, The UAE or SA to Kenya than from Kenya to those countries. Halafu they insist that the sender MUST be the one to pay shipping fees, even when the recipient has undertaken to pay the same on collection.

Delivery time varies from one shipper to another, as can be confirmed on aliexpress. Mostly ranges between 7 and 21 days. Taxes are often negligible.

asante mblo.