Shipping an item

Hallo fellow villagers…
It is at this graveyard shift hour, that I ask you all of the most convenient means to send a smartphone from Saudi Arabia to Kenya precisely Kisumu. All comments more so helpful ones will be appreciated.
Ni hayo tu.

Which phone make?

unataka kuship na DHL ama?!

Unless ni Oneplus one ama Mi ama Motorola ama Nexus ama Meizu phone, then don’t bother sending utatumia doo mob sana. Just tuma mbesha anunue huku. Ama kama uko sure u compared price ya huko na huku


Its the earlier version Galaxy S4 alrdy in possession of a relative who wants to send it to me

Atume via DHL… Kama ako na roho

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Hakuna salihiya huko Saudia? Checked their website?

Hakuna Sahiliya huko,he can try Zainco door to door services, @Bark tell him to send the phone with someone coming to Kenya for vacation, that’s what majority of guys do when sending small items like phones.

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Thank you so much guys for the sound advice I will have to check dhl and that Zainco for their charges.
Asanteni sana

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