Ship from USA to Kenya

Hey psychopaths. Which is the cheapest way to ship a 2.2 kg box from USA (Southeast) to Kenya (Nairobi)

Through the mcoondu

Boss wacha kujinusa. Jiunge na Alshabaab ukajilipue tupumue ghasia mbu ya zebra wewe!!

Kentex Cargo

Wadau wamewika

Fuack Kentex Cargo - Business - Kenya Talk

Personally, I have used them for the past 4 years with the latest shipment done a month ago. However, if you’re importing heavy things, it might be costly for you, because they charge $15 per kg.

I am also looking for a cheaper option for a heavy cargo.

I have used vitumob though slightly expensive.

How long does it usually take to arrive at the Mombasa port ?

With Kentex Cargo, you collect your parcel from their offices on Muthithi road, Westlands.

Shipment takes about three weeks to one month.

Talk to them:

Just ship what you must. Whatever you can source from Kenya, just buy it in Kenya. If it is not available in Kenya, perhaps you’d try UAE. Not in UAE, buy from China. Because we tried to buy a washing machine for my Teacher friend on Amazon that’s when we came to learn that shipping by sea from the US is more expensive than shipping by air. Because, not only is it expensive, it also takes centuries before ifike Mombasa!!!

Used savostore, shida yao ni it takes 3 weeks from when it’s delivered to the warehouse in U.S for it to land here



Asante sana, @Cleopatra VII.

Nah, I wouldn’t buy heavy electronics outside Kenya, which can be locally sourced. I have experience in shipping a whole house to Kenya, so I know. :slight_smile:

However, my friend is relocating back to Kenya from USA next month and she wants to bring in so many things. Also, we are looking to be shipping items for sale that are not locally found, and certainly not Chinese products.

So, a shipping solution is still required.

Okay. Sounds like a substantial job there!
I’d, therefore, advise you to approach the agents kwa mwendo wa aste aste, muonane nao ana kwa ana, kuliko kupiga simu ama kuwaengage online. Wasomali are always excellent na hawatakubali pesa ipotee. African Salihiya could be first option.

I will look into it, danke.

They, African Salihiya, have an intuitive website by that name. You can calculate for yourself the cost before you go to them personally.

Kentex Cargo anytime.
Collected a laptop last week shipping only costed Ksh 4600

How long did this take?

17 days from the Thursday Ile shipment ilitoka Texas .


ni mihadarati?