shiny eye dies at transformer

The guy tried to steal transformer oil[ATTACH=full]315124[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]315125[/ATTACH]

He resembles Michael Jackson

I have no sympathy for him. It’s one less stupid bonobo.

looks like he caught fire… not a good way to go

hii ujinga yake haikai acquired. ni ya kuzaliwa. nakumbuka a few week uku kulipostiwa jamaa alivaa gloves ndo akate high voltage lines. alijua hajui

Darwin award nominee

That had to have hurt…

He looks like Reddy Kilowatt


1885 pic

Thats why its in TBT and not in the news category


actually no, probably lost consciousness in less than a second, he will never know what happened…

Ako na weave kwani?


Apa ndo unawekaga ile ngoma ya THITIMA!

Umenishtua Sana. Ungeandika scary pictures

Sad. I still don’t get how someone can be so desperate to steal oil from a transformer.

Painful death that I wouldn’t even wish for my worst enemy @poyoloko