Shida yetu nini?

Najua some people say ni leaders… But jiulize 50yrs after independence tutazidi kulia ni leaders that even pregnant women give birth in streets and how comes countries za wazungu hawajawakuwa na shida ya leaders. Think of this, does it mean ni to luck that south korea, Singapore, Taiwan and others got good visionary leaders after independence nayo Africa just got bad luck in all the 54 countries na ikipata bad leaders. Why is it that a country lead by authoritarian party not elected by citizens kama China are not seeing the need ya kuiva but instead are working for their citizens. Kwani Africa shida yetu ni nini? Sisi tufanya elections every now and then na hakuna changes. Vietnam is led by communist unelected party kama china na their economy is growing rapidly and the nation is industrializing while us tuanelect and our industry is not moving. Hii shida ni IQ or just some demons walitumwa Africa

Ujuaji mwingi na kiburi ndio shida kubwa ya wananchi. Na viongozi ni sisi tu. Wenyewe tumo.

Whether we elect a hustler, dynasties or a commoner, Africa is not changing soon. Immeadetley they sit on those offices, kila Mtu na tumbo yake. The best I can do for now, sitai vote.

Shida kadhaa have been listed below:
1. An ingrained culture of corruption, looting and greed - this is perpetuated everyday by our leaders but mostly by the press. The narrative is that you need to get rich by all means…the leaders will like you for that, the villagers will worship you and the press will camp at your office for that interview. Afterall the end justifies the meaning.

2. A total lack of national pride (nationalism) - Simply put we dont care about our country. We only follow laws when we are being watched and if we are able to get away with a wrong doing then we suddenly normalise the ‘wrongdoing’. A good example is that we have made it normal to build makeshift hotels chini ya mti, build slums, overlap wakati wa jam, pay a mkokoteni guy to dispose our trash, put train horns on our 14-seater matatus, put up businesses along pedestrian walks in the estates, etc.

3. A culture of hustlism as opposed to formal ways of earning perpetuated by the masses (to be differentiated from greed in point 1 above) - Everyone who is not in formal employment christens themselves as a hustler. This is to mean that laws of doing business suddenly dont apply to him/her. S/he must take shortcuts, undercut clients, outright con clients, as long as he can brag its hustling then its acceptable. Examples include boda bodas who justify breaking traffic rules for hustling, a broker in Marikiti market who undercuts the hardworking farmer, a hawker on the street who blockes pedestrians and shops entrance with his wares, a bar owner who doesnt have all the liquor licenses and prefers to bribe the police, a GK driver who uses the GK vehicle for his own business, etc

4. Lack of visionary leaders (and the few visionary leaders dont find a voice) - Some decisions like where to invest massive amount of borrowed money should not be made by politicians or their cronies in govt instead they should be independently made by technocrats and scientists. Politicians should only oversee implementation of plans drawn up by scientists and technocrats. Instead what we have are politicians making technical decisions e.g. approving SGR, stating which dams to be built, approving major roads which no one is sure if we need them or not, etc.

5. Good old inferiority complex - Lets face it…we view everything about ourselves as being inferior to mzungu and/or whites (where white means anyone whose skin tone is not black/dark. It could be a brownnskin girl from Muranga, an indian, an Arab, a chinese, an Englishman, etc). This is why Americans are about to force us to review the ban on plastics, we must import second hand clothes from abroad or else, we allow export of raw agriculture products, etc. CLoser home we are always bragging how we drink imported beers and whiskys, we brag how our new clothes are from abroad, we are in love with italian shoes, we love french brands of fashion, tunaringa just because we own second hand german cars, a modern wedding is a white church wedding whereas a traditional wedding is a ruracio, our favorite cuisine is obviously not Kenyan or African. Useless things make us excited e.g. a Mzungu speaking Kikuyu/Dholuo/Kiswahili gets us all excited, an American musician mentions Kenya or something Kenyan and suddenly we cant hide our grinning, a foreign newspaper writes a badly researched article about some topic in Kenya and we retweet it like we are getting paid. You get the drift.

Those are just a few shidas…other talkers wataongezea

Ume sahau wapi our flawed out dated 8-4-4 system which was based on passing the exams instead of solving our own problem.
Farmers were taught in agriculture how to plant crop but not add value to their produce. There were supposed how to have a unit of value addition. Kama ni kupanda tomato have a unit how they will make tomato sauce and sell it to the market. Hapa tumeuwa broker.
Lakini walikuwa wanapanda wajisort market. If it is coffee wanafaa waproduce it. We should think of our local market.

Very valid observation, ongeza pia the fact that we never take responsibility for our actions but rather shift blame

Shida ya Kenya ni moja tu… No enforcement of laws. Rwanda is doing better because Kagame is enforcing the laws.

Yes, I agree. Kagame has tried on some aspects.

But I don’t agree with the jailing and killing of opposition figures which is the downside of any dictatorship.

You may not know what Kagame knows as an outsider…Maybe those guys want to destabilize the country. But i am not saying killing them is justified

This is the main problem. people will even blame their IQs for the corruption

Ongeza volume point number 2 and 5 Ndindu askie!

Nyanyako alikwambia demon zilifika akiwa mdogo? Wacha ujinga buana tupee a workable solution or shut ua mouth.huna adabu DEMONs dizo ni nini?

For us to get to the next level we need leaders who are committed to do the task. Sadly In Kenya if you want to join the political elite you need to have more money than god. To get this kind of wealth means being a mukora and stealing like there is no tomorrow.
After spending too much money to get elected then the process of trying to recover what you used starts.
In the end we lock out people whom we really need. In the old days people like Martin shikuku would be elected in Butere because of his mdomo «manenos» without spending money.
In a country like norway people vote for the Party and not the individuals thus a politician does not spend a coin.
We have the right people but the problem is getting them up there

The problem is that the vast majority of Kenyans are unable to ask questions.

Questions about their lives, questions about their needs, about their beliefs, about their government, about the world

We are taught not to ask questions and accept things the way they are. We are taught to accept that we have to vote for thieves and not try to challenge the status quo