Shida ya Mkenya akishaanza kupata shillingi mbili

Watu wa Takataka hawajawahi pata akili. Always seeking to get in trouble with the government officials. So how do you expect the same to be merciful when you hold your crappy rallies???


Wanaharibia huyu mama and the way she sounds reasonable. Again itumbi is saturating us with this propaganda materials, at this rate they are going to lack any impact.

Thats a nice lady. Wamuuache. And she didnt solicit anything. A cup of coffee even the queen of England can take.

they’re creating enemies all over, after this exposure, which ocs will dare entertain them knowing they’re wearing hidden cameras?
what happened in naks was definitely preplanned to attract attention yet it’s just an mca seat, I doubt uhuru will loose sleep if uda wins it

Hi ni makosa

Enyewe wasiharibie huyu mama

She’s a mature lady, obviously rose through the ranks the hard way. I pity her but she should have been smarter especially in this day and age. Best case scenario she gets transferred.


It is SOP (sijui nani aliweka). Any meeting requiring police presence, was ground wanalipwa,an OCS/OCPD wanapata yao pia.

So is that a bribe?

that’s totally malicious. this lady appears rational and mature. those goons should not go around destroying peoples careers.

Tangatanga takataka. I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve by releasing this clip. A huge own goal because that woman sounds very reasonable.

Sack her amechukua hongo

there is no mistake mama amefanya, amepewa tu thao ya lunch

That’s entrapment, she didn’t solicit for any bribe, it was the dude that offered to buy her lunch

That takataka menokubwa dude is the culprit here.

Tangatanga, scum of the earth

Ilikuwa tip brathe.