Shida tupu

“Migrants run behind trucks to sneak from France to Britain”

“Dozens of people run behind trucks trying to sneak into them, ignoring the dangers they might face. It is a familiar sight in northern France, where thousands of migrants seek to move to Austerham and Portsmouth.”

france brought this upon themselves though its sad that our west african brothers n sisters have never been able to recover from this.

Migrating has got to be the worst. You move to a new country and suddenly you’re at the bottom of that society because that’s where you have to start. Your start doing jobs that you wouldn’t do in your own country. That’s tough

What is even more tough is that you live in your country Kenya, Rumuruti village to be exact and you didn’t have 20k for Mombasa. You blamed it on covid, dynasty, Ichaweri and Mama Ngina and her KPLC tender that affected the purchase of Moso bamboo electricity poles by KPLC.

Why are they moving? Full summary please

Is the problem France or the leaders of these African nations?

maybe theres better opportunities in britain than in france