Shida Tupu

You know why the ‘System’ (Kanu) is at the point of malfunction? Do you know why ‘Deep State’ is now the shallow end of the political pool?

Because one of their two nightmares is about to be President.

It’s going to be; Either Raila, or Ruto.

None is good news for the old order.

Ruto. Raila. Shida tupu!

Ruto is the unwelcome jaggernaut that has permeated all firewalls and become wealthy and powerful.

Raila is one outsider the system hate but would rather work with to stop Mr DeePee.


One way or the other, the old order is dying a slow death, and this is why Ruto seems attractive to many, not because he is popular, no, but because Kenyans want to start afresh and they will start anywhere other than with the Old Order. Jaramogi and his progeny, belong to the Old Order.

But Ruto has the baggage of Kanuism, he seems vindictive, dictatorial and corrupt, because the old order has told us he is, yet they fear to prosecute him.

Please, bring more Jameson for the boss.