She's in heaven if it does exist!

Fck fck fck fck…I am Losing my mind
Shes dead… Its now me and the kid inda world.

Leo nimetoa machozi fck it…
[SIZE=5]I Need some high level counseling @Dr. luther

I’m pushed into a corner really wanting a new life chapter from now…ok my GOD!

Pole brathe

Sorry for your loss man. Be there for the kid. May the forces that be offer you comfort, strength and solace

With all due respect to your current state of mind and situation, this reeks of attention seeking.

Put down what is bothering you. Who is dead? How? Why? When? And where? After that we can condole with you.

Pole sana.

Who is dead?pole

Eaze bro

Please be easy on the guy maybe after receiving the devastating news he had no solace and the only place he could vent ni hapa kwa kijiji.

This things do happen.

All in all pole for the loss.


Pole kaka

Take heart son. Only GOD knows why. Pray pray pray

Pole bro, just know that whoever is born shall die, she’s save wherever she is ,sisi ndio tunateseka hapa duniani!


Pole sana bro… Pole sana

Pole mblo


Pole sana kaka.

Eaza jo

Pole sana brathe

Pole sana. What happened?