Shebesh..... *Breaking News*.

[B]Huyu jamaa si ako na mashida mingi!

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He accidentally shot himself twice?

How do you shoot yourself accidentally 2 times??? Extremely dumb or covering for someone

KCSE 2017
What is the common denominator among Wetangula, Mathaais and the husband to shebesh? (2 marks)


HUHUHUHU! Mathice kuja chibu hii suali :D:D:D:D

with one bullet:)?

Yaani bibi anamtuanga na anaongeza risasi juu, mwanaume ovyo


He’s not as stupid as you may be thinking!
He had to test the gun on other areas of his body before trying it on his head…

Niko hapa kusoma sweeps tu


he he…akasikia inakuawaga moto?

:D:D:D:D:Dsaa zingine kuanga serious mizee.

Hio ni plan ya ku boycott Jubilee products

Pwegegege…Kabete slay queens?

First shot accident, second shot knee jack reaction…

I came herere to start a thread with the title ‘Mr. Shebesh shot himself in the foot’

Shot himself once only…left thigh is above the left knee!

he he he he…ukakuta tuliona, sio?