She Wants To cheat

Now,my colleague has upto Thursday to decide whether she will accept the proposal of a sponsor to take her to Texas for a week.she claims its business trip come pleasure.
The hurdle is that she’s been married for 15 years and has 4 kids from the union
She has already contemplated but says she has never cheated on the husband and this is the first time she is about to indulge in the vice,and the guilt is killing her for days!!
she has just asked me for an advice.
nime mshow afanye vile roho ina mshow
Wadau what is your take.

Kwani huyo sponsor amekosa kunguru poa…a mother of four, who has been married for 15 yrs. Even if she got married at 20, she’s 35 now for christ’s sake

mwambie ashave iwe safi kama ballon. 15yrs is a very long time

Okuyu si utafutie huyo sponsor kindu fresh…anaaibisha mbirrionea village sponsors:D:D:D
Anyway, could be anapimwa ujinga by the husband using those tactics…

madam ako poa size ya can’t tell she is in her 30’s anyway.

:D:D me bado niko ligi ndogo ,ata huyo sponsor si mjui na jua tu madam

bibi w wenyewe is a no

One of them ‘will blow their nose with the elbow’

Mwambie coomer si sabuni ati itaisha.


She will be cheating on her self, kid and probably bring std, aid death.She can’t compromise her family values

She has already made up her mind… She will definitely cheat

huyo anaenda kutombwa,hakuna cha kudecide ajueage hivyo.Texas? na vile kumekauka? atapanua apende asipende. hope sio bibi yako alafu unatupanga ni colleague:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

It doesn’t matter what you tell her… ameshatombwa akili… and that, my fren is the beginning of all things fornication!

peoples bodies are different. There are ladies who are aged 24 and you’d think they are 38 while others are 40 and you’d think they are 24. Na sileti hekaya.

Sex trafficking, passport ichukuliwe abaki stranded.

Mwanamke kable umtombe mwili lazima umtombe akili said Wahenga wa Ktalk
Huyu ashatombwa akilili, imebaki tu kurarua vitu

@gikuyu tusafishe mecho kiasi tuone hii kitu

huyo ni sponsor fala. Why not get a prettier, younger girl from the call girls in the destination

does she have any?

but i doubt this story au kuna mtu anaringia mwingine. ni ngumu kidogo married woman ku-admit ana-betray husband unless ni kwa very close cousin…