She told me that she only date jungus and not black men

I tried talking to a cute kenyan lady and she told me that she only date jungus and not black men, do any of you have the same experience? This is not the first time this happens.

Quote the misspellings.

Hapo kwa “the first time this happens” ndipo pamezika rusungu

Kabuda, that’s what every lady in Nairobi is saying… It doesn’t mean shit… Kama kuna IOIs with the mama, treat it like any other shit-test… Kama haskii lugha yako, there other pretty ladies you can approach…

Wacha kuji-stress bure

Mbuku…vile umeambiwa hapa juu.

When there’s no chemistry, any excuse suffices. :smiley:

Broke bitch detected. Ukikazana na yeye utapata SMS ya “I need a favor” very soon.

Only @Panyaste who never date blacks…

Huyo ni sister ya @Panyaste

Let Africans continue to despise their own. Meanwhile, white people are digging up their artifacts in Mali and Egypt.

Aliona wewe Ni Beta male,how do you ask a woman for a date ,uliza slices Kama an AMG member,alah!!!


White ladies are falling over themselves to get a black “muchakwe”-as someone would loosely put put it here. The equation already cancelled. What’s the big deal?

She only dates

Dont stress yourself over bedwenches. There’s plenty of other women out here

Old and ugly white ladies who have been rejected by their white men but who knows that black men have no standards and will date them? Nice. Ive seen it plenty of times with my own eyes. Gambia is where these old ugly white ladies travel when seeking for men in africa.

Hawa nao hapana. Wacha ikae!

Na yeye sio mzungu, the joke is on her! Mavi ya kuku mwanamke!