She slept with over 100 men

@Simiyu22 this is the story you wanted translated.

Puthy made of steel.

Just watched the video earlier in the day and my God!si this chic has been run through.5 abortions,5 marriages and puthy pounded by 100 men.

Those are the ones God wants. You will be begging her for water ukiwa hell.


We should celebrate her, sijui kama Ohunye can set a calendah for her?

Bora uhai.

I can pay a mirrion to see that puthy. Men we are f*cked. Imagine meeting this one and thinking umeangukia jackpot ama wife material.

Mimi when I see a woman huwa tu najiambia tu that she has a story.

Hell and heaven are concepts created by the white man to make us obedient to their bidding bitch

the true heroes are street hoes… these bitches service up to 10+ a day

Atleast it is helping others escape man made traps. If people just follow God’s word it will be a beautiful word with no abortion, no divorce, no occult.

Anyway, you better not talk ill of bad people who come to God later in life. They may be the ones to give you water when you are in hell.

You are just a religious bigot

And you? An atheist one? Why are you judging her? Who died and made you God. She has changed her ways, she has repented, you, you are there throwing stones as if you are perfect and you are worse in prostitution than anybody yet uko hapa talking shit. God has accepted her, who are you to condemn and call unclean what God has died for and cleansed and atoned for?

Examine your life and heart b4 sitting in judgment. In spite of her past she now has a place in heaven. Can you say the same?


Umejaa creampie ya padre kadhaa na venye unajiona holier than thou hapa…ghaseer!

Vera Sidika.
Guess how many Men she has slept with …?? :smiley:


In Campus there are women who are now married who had twice that count by the time they were in 3rd year!

Padre nitoe wapi na kanisa siku hizi iko online ? Sasa holier than thou ni nani? Aren’t you the one who started condemning her? Sijui Kuma hukutokea inakuwashia nini. Achana na Kuma za watu nani, enda upime ya mamako mileage kwanza ukuje utwambia story za mileage hapa hivi. That’s the pussy which you have shares. Leave people pussy alooone. Leave people pussy and mind your mom’s.

Sasa ona uve made me break my new year resolution about people’s mothers.

Ghaseer!Go hump your father you seed of Satan