She is here!!!!!

Friday afternoon we got Interpol approval, Saturday afternoon we got release and number plates, Sunday morning I collected the plates from Coastbus, she arrived 11AM, we offloaded her at Mobil DT Dobie. What a pain, I dont understand how the person who drove it into the container got out, took me a good 10 minutes to squeeze in.

Pressed the brake and the start button. Ding ding (thay make this sound all the time)! and she fired up. Heaven on earth. The idle can not be heard , the aircon is drought free, whitish leather interior, purity, the sorround cameras fired up. I could see all round as if from the air looking down. What beauty!

After 40 good minutes of all sorts of broblems we got her down, paid the loaders and left for home. 50m away, ding!! a sound the message “bonnet not properly closed”. Closed it properly then continued. Took the next bend back toward south B and got my first baptism by fire. I floored the accelerator and almost found myself over the pavement. Lesson learnt.

To cut the long story short I got her home (pressed the accelerator a few times, the speed with which it approached vehicles going in the same direction is just scary), she had a check engine light by the time I got there but I think it is because the fuel cap was not well secured. The error has cleared up. I have not driven her properly yet but she just looks very expensive:cool::cool:

The technology is ridiculous, the engine looks very very complicated, I have a few weeks to get used to it and try everything out but there are cars then there are cars. I just feel contented and relaxed. This is a dream come true. I will be back with actual road experience but the active dynamic suspension makes this thing fly over tarmac literally. Tomorrow we fill the tank and take a few trips around town…i doubt I am interested in ever buying a car again…If I find he reliable, or if someone offered be 5.8

By the way drove her without insurance or plates, the police looked the other way!!!

Next service is 8/18 as announced by her computer. This is something!!!

[ATTACH=full]61970[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61971[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61970[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]61971[/ATTACH] million without discount:D:D:D:D

Ochithunder is a real birrionaire lakini ujaluo itakuua.

Mtu akifuga kuku kienjeji Nairobi ni birrionea. Lakini usiwahi weka pic ya mtoto huku tena hata kama ni wako

Wah! Yenyewe hii ni Beast…

Good ride bro. Acha niendelee kutafta mbesha. Ipo siku tu pia nitaonekaniwo.

Now back to main topic, ati Hizo vifaranga kienyeji wauzaje?

Follow this niggas threads and u will see what i mean. Hata hauoni hio gate? Nikaa kwa jacob juma banae

Hehehe si nimekubali ni birrionea. Nairobi mtu hawezi fuga kuku kwa bedsitter

kunyima kuku chakula is cruelty to animals…

Nice ride bro. Congrats

Picha interior pls.Nice machine bruuh

Wengine wetu tunaskuma 2016 E Class 2 door 6 speed Convertible na hatusumbui!..

Kuna njeve saa hii mbisha ni kesho!

( Fully paid for by the way!; Kikiki kikiki…)

An extraordinary luxurious machine bro. Am impressed, will meet on the highway nikiwa na my silver legacy subaru.

At least unaeka mbisha, nice

Niliambiwa hakuna kitu huuma mtu ako majuu kama kuona watu aliacha 254 wako mbele kumliko. #fact


Nice ride there bro.

Sweet machine .congrats .is that your lady in between the 2 beasts , I don’t care about kuku for now but whose the lady …

Did I watch a video that hii beast doesn’t have a dip stick to check oil levels.

Its automatic

Nice car dude