She Has Served Her Purpose, SHOVE HER ASIDE. Mama Mboga Pushed Away After Debate



Wewe @Punda @sani amesema hivi kuhusu wewe

I don’t know why I’m not surprised

reaction ya ruto banae
ni zile za cringe handshake fail compilations

That was cold, especially coming from a former journalist. Kama kweli watu huuza roho zao kwa the highest bidder.

Kwani mumeunda gif already


They didn’t play the whole clip. Protocol demands that Rachel walk with Ruto and in the part they cut out he beckoned the Mama mboga to follow.

The only concern is that he came off as a bit rough.

And you have the full clip

Am not contesting the protocol, my only concern is the shoving. That kind of thing you expect from security personnel not someone polished and well mannered like Hussein Mohammed.

Things can be taken out of context. Look keenly at the twitter clip up there towards the end and you see that he beckons her seconds after pushing her back to give way to Rachel.

Maybe he isn’t as polished as we all thought :smiley: but he had a job to do.

Wewe unaona vitu zako.
Hio beckoning haiko.
What is clear is that mama mboga hustler was told ’ kaa kando…ghaseer "

You are dwelling on petty side-shows. People’s minds were made up long ago.

The debate was only for the few undecided and Raila lost those by not showing up. .

Whatever the case, I’m personally voting Wajackoyah


Unaweza tuwekea tuone?

Hata mimi nimengoja sana

Jump to the 11th second of the clip and see Hussein gesturing with his hand.

Patieni walalo mamlaka mjue kwanini vita somalia haishangi

Mko na ujanja ya peni mbili lakini uoga pia mtawacha