sharon getting married

Now i know we are all tough ass niggers who don’t care about love lakini this one has just won.

This is ess aka sharon is getting married. This is news to team mafisi
[ATTACH=full]4997[/ATTACH] checki comment ya huyo mjamaa.

Thats the link…Now we move on

Na si kuma ni Ile Ile tu? Let me put the likely scenario ten years down the road… Nigga will get bored with one pussy and she discovers. They dog each other until sharon decides to go with half his cash, his kids, and house. the nigga ends up alone in an apartment while sharon is getting screwed in his bed… Conclusion, never over pamper a woman. . Utakaliwa chapo


Wow love her fashion style…congratulations to her

hehe I have clicked even though I have never heard of her, that guy was very original I must admit

10 years is too long. Being married to a celeb is one tedious affair, what with mafisi lurking everywhere.


who the fuck is sharon??

hehehe @uncle nyam statistically speaking you may be right, but most guyz believe theirs is different

Yep inaitwa pesa

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@uncle nyam and @Ice_Cube

He he …so D%^ks change over a period of 10 years or grow stronger :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:, ama instead of going in out, zinafanya circular motions jameni

We need explanations :eek::eek::eek:

She is Chris ‘team mafisi king’ Kiruubi’s mwk. :cool:

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Huyo jamaa amepoteza pesa bure…miezi tano tu na atakuwa amechoka nayo…hakunanga kitu kama happily ever after and the nigga will soon realise that.if he has to go all that way just to impress her then that is a warning sign of a marriage founded on materialism.




:smiley: I think most develop a taste for variety


Wow… That was really cool… Must have put him back a few metre.

Marketing 101…Everybody be like who the f*ck is “thisisess aka sharon” let me click. Even if the dude dumps her ass now she has marketed her business…both businesses.

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Hii kitu Kirubi alikamua kitambo.


Sharon is known in the entertainment industry …she’s currently endorsed by Samsung and got best blogger award some time back

Kirubi is not married. Yeye ni fisi and he doesn’t want to be tied down to one woman.