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This young talented artist made a nice "Easy Coach with his own hands.Hope @EasyCoachLtd will see his work and appreciate it. Share widely.

EasyCoach is looking for this young Artist.
Anyone with information? Your action might be a solution to his #Employment

Alifanya nini ??aliiba bus ??

edited.soma tena tree holder.

Nice! But the inner headlights should be yellow…

The guy is obviously a giant in Liliput.

Easy coach are looking for him, do you know where he is?

Ameiba nini

i dont care


So this is how he spent his day away from the polling steshen? …wacha imfikishe Nairobi tuone

Model making firms should look for him not mere bus making companies or easy coach group think one of their buses gave birth?

@culture i dont understand why anatafutwa…please explain to me like a two year old baby :oops:

kam inbox