Shameless Beggar

“I consider myself a part of this family, when the time is ripe…i will remind you brother Gideon, and you Uhuru, about what mzee said, because it was his wish that this family supports me to take over from Uhuru…” Kalonzo Musyoka

Haka kajamaa hakanaga hata aibu buana!!!

you mean these people talk about this country as if it is a piece of cardigan to pass to each other as they like?..shit

Here is the link to the video as he shamelessly said that during Mzee Moi’s memorial today

Hii jinga huwa controlled opposition

Chameleon in chief

Moi orphans

It seems like a pleasant trait among most politicians, to be blinded by ambition. They’re like a horse in blinkers, seeing only the path ahead, but forgetting that the rider on its back holds the reins and wears the spurs, and the route can be changed as the rider pleases.

Kalonzo has never been controversial. That tells me he is a follower and not a leader. A leader must sometimes step at toes of others to get something he believes in. DJ Trump was a real leader and Americans will regret removing him.

Kalonzo ni takataka ghasia