SHAME ON AMERICA & It's Hypocrisy. Pictures From The Banana Republic aka USA, Land Of the Freaks

If this was NEGRO he would be DEAD.




Beacon of Democracy


What Satanic USA causes in foreign countries is now happening at their doorstep. FVCK America



More KKK hiding behind the Confederates flag


Looks like YEMEN


LAND Of The Freaks


Heshimu Yemen nanii … Ghasiaa.

USA is a failed experiment. White people have a free pass while blacks and browns are treated like sh(;t

Ndindu,shugulika na Vumbistan Mambo ya USA achia wenyeji

Truth be told. USA ni :meffi::meffi::meffi:

Hehehehehe…mzae stop looking for consolation.
If you want to forever remain underdeveloped, keep benchmarking against weaknesses instead of strengths.
Ni kama kusema hata mtoto wangu asipoenda shule ni sawa coz hata wa birrionaire fulani dropped out

The giant staggers and the dwarfs bursts into laughter:D

But what a stagger it is

Hamerica supported protestors when they stormed parliaments in Hong Kong, Egypt, Libya etc calling them democracy champions. They should also support these ones who stormed US bunge and call them democracy heroes fighting election theft.