shame is an understatement

  • A popular Member of
    Parliament from Central Kenya, recently sought the
    services of a high-end prost!tut3 at Serena Hotel, but
    ended up forgeting his personal identification documents
    after a night of exchanging fluids.
    The first time MP, who is married but has been held
    hostage by city prostitut3s, walked into the hotel at
    around 10 PM and after some round of drinks, he booked
    a room to enjoy the services of the bootylicious
    And as it’s the norm with many high-end call girls, she
    unleashed all her s3x moves to the mheshimiwa and
    drove him into another world.
    After the randy MP satisfied his s3xual needs, he left in
    the wee hours of the morning but forget his personal
    Among the essential documents he forgot at the hotel
    included his Parliamentary ID card and Electronic Card
    that is used in Parliament while voting.
    The documents were found in the hotel room by the
    management while the room was being cleaned.
    They are at the hotel’s reception but the s3x hungry MP
    is yet to get them.

That was an exchange between two willing and mature individuals, i don’t understand why that should be brought to public.If that’s how serena staff act then sitawai enda huko tena.

mark ati hutawai enda huko haha lol this is funny