Shamba shape-up: Nduthi Edition

This is a blow-by-blow account of work on a 1991 Honda Transalp V400.
Jua kali.
Bike belonged to a good friend and regular participator in the Rally Raid.
Brief: Full remake, custom decals and bespoke crash guards.

  1. Before.
    Pic taken after restoring broken fairings and matching the plastics from a 600cc version to the tank of a 400cc model.

2. The take-down.
Bike all stripped down.

3. Designing the crash guards.

4. After buying pipes and getting them bent at Gikomba, then welding and a dry fit at the pig sty.

5. Fine finishing: Filling weld joints and prepping for paint.

6. The final product.

7. The owner had me match the new paint to the colour of the saddle. Raw hide from a master craftsman in Laikipia. Brown skin.

8. Fuel tank: Midway…

9. Hand-cut custom decals.
The bike was renamed from Transalp to Transafro.

10. In the meantime, the frame and engine needed some TLC.

11. A little mechanical work, clean up and new paint to the frame.

12. Fitting stage.

13. Project complete.

14. Safisha mecho na upskirt ya nduthi.


Kumbe you are this good brary Cartoonist. Hii kitu iko chonjo.

you are good, man.

Nigga you know your shit, orgasmic makeover.

Omera you know your work, be blessed bro. I hope I will be this good in my area of work pia.

Daamn! make me wanna alight the truck and ride into the sunset.
Good job crayon bandit. Hats off!

Hio drawing ndo mlisema inaitwa technical drawing?

Stripped nduthi na momo za @uwesmake zikiwa ndethy have one thing in common, unbelievably fugly

Fuck it! You are an awesome creative!

Heheee. Kumbe mechs require Architect skills? Momo will fit there too well.

Kudos brother, great work over there

Hii nduthi iko na knocked knees bandito

Clawmatsu umepotea sana.
Your writing is missed.

Santi Jaduong’.



Ati from Actros to nduthi?


Niaje Thong man.

Bike za Chinku ndo za humea knock knees.

Boss you good, kwanza hio part ya ku-convert a drawing to a product and fitting it …

good work!!!

ujo poa msee

This is great man. How can i see more of your work?

Boss nice job. Designing that crash guard must have been the tough job.
Sasa swali, have you redesigned the frame of a bike before? Like the tail end or the handle bar orientation?

You are pretty good with machines!