Shakila storms Eric Omondi private wedding

It ends in premium tears. Anyway nobody is yours it’s just your turn


Mharo wanaume wanatafuta maganji. No time for leso

Huyu jama hakuwahi fight primo? Hii reaction gani? How do you react like this to a blow?
At least the “wife-to-be” anaangalia wapi konde inatoka. Huyu jamaa anajikunyata tu kama kabeji? Aaaahhh… Meffi.

7/30 for effort but poor acting.

Who is Shakila and what is she famous for?

More views…
More Brand recognition…
More chums.

a whore dishing out her p.ussy to celebs like willy paul eric omondi some sponser

Just know I have blocked you for sharing mharo here, hizo clot chasing hatutaki kwenye kijiji

“They do anything for clout”~ Offset

Na inakaa kila mtu amekula hio whore isipokuwa mimi:mad::mad:

Wataka kutuma salamu pia?

Rusungu ndiyo wanamalissa tu

:D:D:D siwezi mind

waende patanisho radio jambo hii ghasia tunaifahamu

Zank yu for asking for ile kijiji ya wazee.

Truth be said …
This poor comedy is not amusing any more …
They should just pack it in …
She needs to go back to her usual occupation…

Twerking in cheap neighbourhood Clubs … :smiley:

Publicity stunts to stay relevant…

Kui niaje?

Couldn’t get past the first 20 seconds of this scripted bullshit. Ni kama the Kenyan school of acting teaches that the more exaggerated you are the more believable your performance will be. There is never any subtlety and it just breaks immersion.

Hii udaku tuwachie ìhììì