Shaka Zulu Is More Powerful Than White Jesus

Shaka Zulu Is More Powerful Than White Jesus

Akon talked about this

Who is white Jesus i thought there is just Jesus son of Mary, a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Gallilee

White jesus is the jesus you are talking about as conceptualized by white people and shoved down the throats of the rest of the world

Then who is the real Jesus? Black Jesus, shaka Zulu?

This thread wasn’t a discussion about who the real Jesus is / was. It is, I believe, a comparison of how important and powerful a figure The Shaka is (especially to black people) as compared to White Jesus.
That is my understanding.
As for my beliefs, I don’t believe in Jesus, black or white, green or brown.
Am for certain that Shaka Zulu is real though. And he beat the British at Isandlwana.
This is one of the only things that should matter to culturally conscious black people. Not that white jesus savior bullshit

I don’t think it matters if Jesus is/was White or not…

Deeper insight is not mandatory. You can live without it.

Hotteps will believe anything.How did Shaka Zulu know English or was it Dutch ? But that Sangoma used to gimme goosebumps…at 1:48