Shaffie, Adelle shown the door at Kiss 100 to make way for Kamene and Kibe

High-flying morning radio presenters Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe have dumped NRG Radio for Kiss 100.
The two controversial radio presenters hosted their last show ‘Breakfast Club’ on NRG Radio on Friday.

They are expected to take up the breakfast show on Kiss FM starting Monday next week.
The two are replacing Adelle Onyango and veteran presenter Shaffie Weru.
Nairobi News understands that Adelle was forced to resign last Friday by the Radio Africa top boss, Patrick Quarcoo, after seven years.
For his part, Shaffie, who has been on leave and is in Los Angeles, USA, is said to have been offered a soft landing at his former show at Kiss Fm, the Evening drive –or exit. Linda Nyangweso steered the Friday morning show on Kiss Fm.
Kamene and Kibe said their goodbyes to their fans but did not reveal their destination.
“This being our last show, we want to say thank you so much to our fans especially the loyal ones because we would not have made it without you guys. DJ Flash will still be around hope you guys will keep enjoying NRG radio. We officially signing out” Kamene stated.
The Breakfast Club Show producer at NRG Duncan Musicha thanked the two, wishing them the very best in their future endeavours.
“On behalf of the entire team I want to thank the two of you for the service it’s been a good journey. Good luck in your future endeavors.” Duncan said.
Before exiting, there was a light moment at the studio when one of the show’s fans tweeted requesting Kamene to sign out by revealing her current body count.
The cheeky fan wanted to know if Kamene’s body count had changed from 27.
In response Kamene said: “You know that story almost made me lose my mind. I am not gonna talk of my body count on national radio on the last day of my show today 14th June 2019.

Anatha mharo who listen to shit at 21 century. I would rather read a novel that hear that shit on my redio.

Sasa huyu shaffie ako na experience gani ingine ispokuwa muchene mingi, nione kama ntampa ya makanga kuna kisii nataka arudi ushago


Kamene anakaa kuwa tamu saidi

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Nairobi News understands that bla bla bla wameanza kuwa kama Daily Mail and the Sun UK mharos.

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there was a time Adelle and a gang of feminist started a hate campaign for NRG to fire Kibe over his video that was attacking women


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