Sh58bn cable car plan to tackle Nairobi traffic jams

Promoters of a Sh58 billion ($600 million) cable car investment plan that could be operational in the next two years say it would help ease Nairobi’s notorious traffic jams.The plan has already been approved by City Hall and is currently awaiting scrutiny by the Treasury.

A pilot project will run from Embakasi, Donholm to Muthurwa — which will be an interchange point — before proceeding to Jamhuri, Kibera and Nyayo National Stadium.

The cables are strung between stations with supporting columns and are driven by motorised wheels that can reach speeds of 30 kilometres per hour.

My take is this is another project being developed for people to eat money. Why not improve the existing railway infrastructure? Increase train frequencies, add more coaches, build more stations and then promote the train as a reliable means of transport. [ATTACH=full]7453[/ATTACH]


Hii hekaya nimeionea hukoooooooooooooooooooooo =================================>
hii tuiweke kwa list moja na konza

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Enyewe train is a better option

Hehe hii kenya joh watu hawako serious, hizo cable car zina capacity ya watu wangapi?

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Alafu malipo?

Finje per trip

They call it Private Public Partnerships…kila mtu anakuja na design yake siku hizi…it started with ile ya Likoni ferry…sasa this guys have copied…

si mwambie grinning kidero kwanza alete zile mass transit buses…

Hizi vitu si za snow? Yaani places winter hua fiam? Hehe

So for you people should do nothing because if they do it ni kukula… Si standard gauge railway mlisema ni ya kukula na sasa juu mmeona inakuwa reality your story has suddenly changed…ati tuipromote kwanza. The railway has its own clientelle and there is no limit to alternatives of de congesting. The sky is the only limit and also warped minds like yours. if its true there is such a project,dont bitch, advocate for propoer use of money but not inaction. if we were all proponents of inaction like Ojinga we would still be stuck in 50’s. Ata superhighway mlikuwa mmekataa…nkt

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This is the new con game in town. Private Public Partnership. You need to look at it in the same light as what happened to KQ and Mumias Sugar. The idea is to hoodwink the public and saddle it with capital intensive projects whose cost is not immediately known to proponents like @PepoPunda . By the time the financiers come for their pound of meat, the initiators of the project would long have disappeared from the scene with their loot.


@PepoPunda. Where have I mentioned people should do nothing? I have provided the solution and worded it in red.

I haven’t mentioned about the standard gauge railway!!! Get your facts right. I am talking about the existing RVR. Currently they only have stations in Syokimau, Imara and Makadara. The RVR train has been seriously underutilized and the costs involved in doing what I have highlighted in red will be much less than 58B.

You say the railway has its own clientele? That’s a fallacy. Everyone can ride in it. They just need to put classes with different costs.

You are right, there is no limit to alternatives to decongesting the city. But money is a limiting factor. They should prove that they have exhausted all the alternatives that are currently available before selling to us this mirage


Hapo umesema ukweli…But then again our Policy makers…SMH!!

In my opinion an elevated train like this one of Malaysia would have been a better option…Cable cars mi huona where the are used for hilly terrain like Swiss Alps or small distances like in ontario airport to the car park…hii ya Embakasi mpaka town and its a fully automated electric system will be tough to implement[ATTACH=full]7476[/ATTACH] …

na huyu kidero msimamo iko wapi mara ni Buses from China, mara its buses from Germany…mara its a somali guy bringing buses…mara sijui its Bus Rapid Transit with special lanes

Kenya Railways spent billions on building railways stations…which are white elephants kwanza ya Imara daima na Makadara…that money would have been better utilised in laying tracks and getting more locomotives and passenger carriages…but Nduva Muli invested where they could get the best kickbacks


Kidero is only interested in raising campaign money for the next elections, same way he did at Mumias. Hizo zingine zenu ni kelele tu.


Ukikataa kulipa unashukishwa aje. Inakaa hizo cable cars zingine zitastopishwa mkapa alipe. …:smiley:

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I have height phobia, will stick to Msl Sacco.

QUOTE=“Mundu Mulosi, post: 75389, member: 141”]I have height phobia, will stick to Msl Sacco.

Wewe unapewa blindfold kabla upande.