Sh 12 million within 3months?

[ATTACH=full]125537[/ATTACH] A NIS reports shows a number of Kenyans who went to Somalia to fight with Al-Shabaab militia want to come back to Kenya over a fallout.

The confidential police report shows the Kenyans include Ahmed Iman Ali aka Abu Zinira,Juma Ayub Otit Were aka KB, Erick Achayo Ogada aka Nabhan, Ramadhan Kioko aka Pinji aka Abu Nuseiba, Suleiman Irungu Mwangi aka Karongo aka Maalim Zakariya aka Idriss and Mohamed Tajir Ali aka Wahome.

These nugus have a Sh2 million bounty each on their heads. Well some might argue that a well oiled machinery as the KDF have failed to capture so what are your options. To answer this you could research on how the shebab operates, liase with a rival clan warlord, get their likely cordinates from your sources, it is understood these Kenyans nolonger get the arms and fighters support from the shebab, they are sitting ducks. The bounty for their heads will be collected if you recover the subjects either dead or alive. It might take you atleast 13 weeks to plan all this with the support of friendly clans, sharing the loot in Eastleigh would be easier. Sounds hard? Well, it is ,but not impossible eapecially for an ex gava. Nb its easier to do this if you are embedded in a NGO of sorts, ask quietly na utapata hawa nugu. Hakuna pesa mbaya

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Hapo ni kupiga wawili risasi na kuleta Kenya shida ni utawaleta na urushwe kamiti. The best hapa niku liaise na international bounty hunters wenye gava haiwezi wa harass ovyo .


Yeah,most of the guys working in the charitable organisations in som are intelligence agents,or they report to their respective intel organisation for the benefit of their own country. Eg Americans reporting intel to CIA fir direct threats against their country,Israel for Mossad etc. As a Kenyan if you can get embedded in one of these organisations and make good friends then you might hack this, this is more probable if youre ex security agent.

Huyu ni talker hapa. Kwao ni kathonzweni


Pinji ni jina ya mwizi in sheng

Karongo and Pinji, recruited by aboud rogo at the Pumwani Riyadh mosques