Seems like ii ya sgr ni mwosho mmoja. China requests kenya to do economic viability assessment of the project.

Project of that magnitude requires feasibility studies before securing financing.
But then, Chinese company(ies) will be awarded the tender, defeating the purpose of the study.

commercial viability in the middle of a project? how now?

The project may seem like one, but there are 3 projects there. Each with it’s own terms of financing. Hence the visibility study

the point is this, the project was to be from mombasa to kisumu from the beginning they knew this. You cannot say that they did economic viability for only mombasa to nairobi, economists will tell you evaluate the whole project then minor details can be adjusted later. But economic viability comes at the top even before starting any ground breaking in Mombasa, and this is not for phases but for the full project. Doing it at the middle tells you that the elephant is finally white

Tulieni mungojee tax

I was misquoted. Disregard the fake news.

Naivasha to kisumu 251km Cost of sgr kshs. 380B Cost per km kshs.1.52B Cost per 100m kshs. 152M Cost per 10m kshs. 15.2M Cost per m kshs. 1.52M Cost per cm kshs. 15,200