SGR users take note of changes from Nov 1st

Pic from page 13 of today’s standard.

Express Train leaves Mombasa/ Nairobi at 15:30pm arriving in Nairobi/ Mombasa at 20:12pm and 20:20 respectively.

County train leaves Mombasa/Nairobi at 8am and arrives in Nairobi/ Mombasa at 14:07pm and 13:40pm respectively.


Its about time

Very good. Hio maneno ya Ngware to Miritini is torture

These for 1st class what of the other mwanainchi?

Has the ticketing system improved?

Train ni moja carrying both first class & economy

It’s the coaches that are different but the train is the same. Just like in a passenger aircraft.


what of the price for mwananchi?

Baba amesema we boycott SGR. tutatumia Mbukinya.

700 Bob economy 3000 first class. But economy ndio kuna life.

No worries…tutapanda ya county bado iko sawa

Instant, via USSD *639#

Cool, but next time ukitumia 24hr format don’t put am or pm:)

Rodger that

the county train,… how long in minutes does it stay in a particular station for boarding/alighting

… ama Rĩakanaũ

busy stations- 5 minutes. Not so busy- 3 minutes.
The travel time will be an extra 1hr 7 minutes from Nai to Mombasa.

waaah apo sawa walai…iyo kuarauka bana

saa hii naweza enda rave nifike kejani 6 am nilale hadi 1pm
na niende terminals

halafu niulize ni funda gani italipa first class from mombasa to voi trip ya 30 minz