As long as it does the job.

Steam train

By 2021 hawkers watakuwa wamechafua hizo stations vibaya sana.

Before SGR someone would go to Mombasa using a bus. Before he boarded in Nairobi he would have spent 200/- on lunch at Swahili dishes along River Road. The bus driver would have put Kshs 5,000 fuel at South C. At Mtito Andei, the passenger would have bought supper for 200/-. On reaching Mombasa, the bus would be taken to a garage for service. There would be someone else to wash the bus ready for the next journey…Now all those jobs were killed by the SGR and the SGR has nothing to show in return …In Dec I travelled by road to Mombasa. Mtito Andei is DEAD! Voi Town is in HDU.

Pre covid. Good days I tell you. Good days.


Achana na Bus passengers, the real economy pushers of these towns were the truck drivers. Driver akikula shot ya 200 bob hapo, that note would exchange hands almost 50 times before it left that town, gaining value.

Most truckstops like Manyani town which were Sin Cities are literally dead nowadays. Ile ilikufa hadi clubs zikafungwa before this Corona pandemic shoved another middle finger in the mix. Times are tough hizo towns.

if only it could have gotten to Malaba border


It needed 368 billion shillings loan to reach Kisumu. The Chinese refused and thank goodness they did. The remaining segment should be completed under a cost conscious regime in power.

The problem was tripling the cost. Akina Konyangi walikula na gachiko


What do we call the cost of the foregone opposhunity…yes that one is what sgr brought

Voi Town has a life of its own, Bw Elder! I always wonder what drives this wonderful city, because kusema kweli, its not really what you would expect! Like you said, trucking and busing businesses are dead. Tourism died a long time ago. But Voi is bustling and busting along it’s seams like nobody’s business. Even now with the prevailing detrimental and ravaging effects of Corona lock downs, the town is marching on, unscathed!

Are you trying to say that Kenyans are now saving more as a result of not eating at Swahili dishes or the bus driver not fueling in South C?
Kenyans are as broke as ever.
They are just spending elsewhere, na hio ni hali ya dunia.