SGR Love Triangle Part 2

After the landlord uncalled attack. I realised the devil is not a boy. I remained with an extra sgr ticket, it was apparent that the chick returning back was slim as tycoon entry to the heavenly kingdom. I had made the decision not to cancel my tour to the coastal town. I summoned my childhood cunningness, the trick we used to play in the bushy village when we wanted to carry out outrageous behaviours like fucking a beautiful girl, carrying out our biological function with all types of animals.

I decided to lure a village girl that I had successfully laid in the bush through funny and cunning tricks to accompany me to Mombasa. I recalled Nancy a girl that every boy when we were in primary school dreamed would marry. I recalled how I once lured nancy deep in the forest during school holiday. it is unnecessary to narrate what happened in the forest. I also invited her to witness one of the village boys whose appetite for animals vagina led him to fuck a dog. David had always invited us to witness his prowess in fucking domesticated animals. How he learned how to do it is still a mystery up to now, all I know he was a pro. Once when our parents were at the church, he fucked all our thirty chicken as we watched. Although he attempted to invite us to join him we resisted. When he invited me and my brothers to witness him fucking a neighbour dog, I thought it was a melodrama and a girl like Nancy should witness the drama. I know you are wondering how he managed to restrain a dog and it dangerous canines. David was a thinker only if he utilised his energy in constructive energy he could be a famous gynaecologist or a known veterinary. The way he did it is a story for another day. But, he did it and later got a funny disease. This is why Nancy enjoyed my adventures and i thought my invitation would trigger her to think another adventure was in offing.
Nancy never failed me and we agreed to meet at Syiokimau Terminus at 7AM. I slept a happy man. At 7 I was waiting for her at the Sgr gate. I watched as human traffic moved towards the terminus, well-endowed girls in mini skirts and arousing colognes passed as I tried to wink at them. lastly, i saw nancy bounteous behind dancing it way inside the gate. she looked delicious more beautiful than I had ever seen her, it reminded me Mwangi Ruheni’s Across The Bridge i felt like Chuma waiting for Caroline after a long jail term. We hugged and felt butterflies running down my spinal cord to my manhood. I shoved her towards the checkup line. Two police officers in the jungle were ordering traveller to queue in a single file and lining their luggage. I was still wearing a big smile in disbelief and in appetite to reach the sandy beaches of Mombasa fuck Nancy my best. Two police officers guiding ferocious canines were advance checking bags in military precisions. The dogs reached my bag and i saw it stop and keenly sniffing it, I smiled the animal looked professional and ferocious, unlike the street dogs I meet at Githurai scavaging for food. Cold water landed on my stomach, but suddenly the dog moved on.

At the entrance there were more smartly dressed cops, they looked like in movies, they were quite different with the kind of police who always patrols our estates at Githu, on untidy uniforms and beaten faces. Everyone was commanded to hand a ticket and national Id. I handed nancy the extra ticket which I had booked in the name of the chick who ran away after landlord drama. As she handed her Id and ticket to one of security I heard them telling her to give the right ID, the ticket is for someone else. I felt urine pass down my pants, it had not come to my mind that the ticket was being closely examined for authenticity. I was still in stoop when I saw her pointing at me and a police officer beckoning to move towards him. I knew devil had conspired with nature to spoil my tour. The police officer questioned me why I was using another’s person ticket. I was trying to explain but words were escaping as soon as I tried to put them. I recalled I had a hundred bob, I deep my hand in trouser crunched it the way we do it in Githurai. the officer looked at me wearing a smile and commanded " put whatever you have withdrawn from your pocket back". that when I realised that not all officers are bribed that easily, officers here looked different probably well paid or trained in China.

The next thing I was being led across well-guarded rails towards an office, police had forgotten all about Nancy and they concentrated on me, I saw her slowly move back in teary eyes and soon she was swallowed in the crowd. I remained under hands of police. Then they asked, “where is the madam you were with”. I pointed that she has left. “call her now” the police demanded. as I called the phone was a long time dead off. I heard police consult each other. the next minute I was in a cell underground.

heheh…waiting for part three.

Enyewe saitan was onto you

Kula like these just got funny heheh the devil was on your case maliza hekaya.

Sijui mbona watu wana tabia ya sijui part two, part three, eka hekaya yote tuisome once

I hate those sniffer dogs at the SGR. Ata kama hujabeba contraband you start doubting yourself.

The ones I fear are at Kigali airport. They really take about 5-10 minutes sniffing at your luggage and glancing at you intermittently. They are like ferking humans!

Jaribu kuua mbwa mmoja ndio utajua umeua ngombe mzima ya grade ya 200k and the owner is kinuthia a known mungiki:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Kijana ebu leta hizo story zako zote… lakini hiyo ya doggie wachana nayo

wacha kuua ,call it a dog akina @pamba wakusikie

Miss them times tickets were transferable. Used to buy a stack at 700 and sell at 1500during rush/shortages. Ask @dark massai pia.

leta hiyo story ya nanii kuninii mbwa tuwakishe jingcheng

kuna siku nilijifanya magaaa nikaweka 10 blunts za shashamane kwa cd rome ya laptop,nilikuwa na fake receipt as a plan B nikishikwa niseme nimetoka kubuy laptop mwembe…tukawekaa mizigo kama kawaida l was tipsy kiasi confidence on the outside lakini ndani na tetemeka
iyo doggy ilikuja ikasniff ikakatalia apo, nikaulizwa kama niko na food kwa bag nikasema niko na cake na juice,karao akavuta doggy to next bag makei ilikuwa imeshrink…sasa kuchukuwa bag kuenda kwa screening laptop ikaonekana nika ambiwa nitoe, makei ikashrink tena
wakaiagalia wakasema enda…sitawai jaribu such a stupid stunt

Kwanza those guards are extreme when they spot dreadlocks.:mad:
I swear I always start doubting whether by bad luck I have left a blunt in my purse.:smiley:

:D:D:D ukipatikana sema it wasn’t me

Even my cheeky self cannot get myself out of that jam

Part 3 ikuje mbio. Nway interesting hekaya