SGR Construction...Track Laying Machine....

Well i remember ranting here some time back that the rail is being done by hand while there exist technology to automate this process like this here

…well i was reliably informed that the manual track laying was only for the section connecting the Bridge Guiders and sleepers Factory in Emali to the main line…

so lo and behold the track laying machine has finally arrived…and it was spotted somewhere…
Photo courtesy of Sky Scraper City


enyewe you are a train fanatic!

Its always good to have a unique hobby…sitaki mkuwe watu wa kuandika kwa CV ati my hobby is watching football and eating nyama choma…


Si uandike “Senior Villager”? tell me, Im an amateur photographer, where can i go to take photos of our trains here? Can i just walk onto the RVR at railways huko haile selassie? or is there a better place?

this is from Germany, baba yao

in the chinesse one, the rails and sleepers are first assembled in a yard before being transported, hii ya germany kila kitu inafanywa uwanjani

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Visit the railway Museum for starters hapo tu Railway Station…is like 100 bob and bargain with the tour guide to take you round…he has a wealth of information and you will enjoy so much…and the pics you will get are epic…To get pictures of the local trains i would suggest on a weekday take the 2nd syokimau train fromTown…it leaves at around 8.15 or there bouts…you can confirm the time from their website…and ride it to Syokimau and back…it will be a morning well spent…then you can take all the pictures you want

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Kabuda is the driver.

I know …was about to tell her the same thing

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Call it a passion.I admire your efforts.

Yeah This one is like an assembly plant hata it even welds

How did your love for trains and rails begin?

mimi naomba tu @admin anipatie hapa thread ya trains…lakini sasa hata kama ya Cars alininyima sigh

My first train ride was back in the day…from Nairobi to Mombasa in first class…ever since i was hooked…

Mentioning trains and @msalame grace in the same sentence reminds me of this …


So do you own train-sets and stuff?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

…and weightlifting, with Tusker glasses

ION- i think it is bridge girders

which is the better place you suppose you can get trains?

so would kawasaki and picking my nose be considered as ‘unique hobbies’ as i seem to be well gifted in them