SGfreakingR Wc

Am seated facing the loo, and , I can’t help notice the number of people using the Facility. Like hell, almost every damn muthii including blacks, whites , Latinos, Hispanics, Indians, Asians, four Japs , and two Kavirondos have been to the loo. Crappppp. How now. I would have to be almost blowing my lid to even consider using a public loo. Hell. Even at my age , I can hold my shiet for the five hour trip. Kwanza there is a mzee three rows behind who have used the loo 8times. And we are only at kibwezi. Bure kabisa
But it is fun watching momos go in and , mentally pose WWUD.

Iguana4 mbisha ya momo priss

Ngoja kidogo, wacha niweke camera sniper mode

eeh lasima watu wa sample shoo ya new mugithi banaa

wakini heshima hainiruhusu nikwambie “shitty post” lakini…

Hehehe. It’s is a shitty one

Mbisha ya momo wakiwa ndani ya choo… Squatting…haraka upesi!

I think there is more than meets the eye. Pengine wanaenda kuongeza dose kwa mishipa with illegal substance nasisi tunafikiria ni call of nature

Very shitty post lakini its true that the loo’s will be the first thing to wear out in the SGR cabin.


That guy and his son have gone again thrice each since kibwezi.
@Luther12 , what is that other Diabetes where one loses too much water due do faulty pituitary. This guy and his chipdren must be sick

Do they flush ama ni shimo tuuuu?

ni shimo tu… inaanguka hapo kwa rail akina nanii wana-okota ya ushawi…

Hehe inakaa hii ndio standard kila mahali

who HAS used , HAS HAS HAS , mungich ingia kwa hio Loo na useme HAS mara tano ukiangalia lake victoria

papa hapo unasema nini?

For some public toilets are better than what they have in their living quarters…


rudi class 1 utaelewa

nime-boycott shule… shipoto