Who knows the IG/Facebook handles of this sexy Kenyans?

Na siwameiva… I doubt you’ll get them on any of these social media platforms na ata if they are in rare occasions would anyone share their details hapa

How much money do these girls make online ?

Akanyal crik bila crit

Good thing is that my DNS configurations will always block me from viewing such adulterated sites. Can’t spend time viewing prostitutes who peddle their wares on the internet. Some fool up there even has the audacity to ask for IG and Facebook handle.
Honestly which kind of society is this? So despicable

Nimecheki vida ya Rocco legend, veteran sensei

Ron jeremy ndo veteran aiseh,wengine walisomea shule yake

fine gyels kwa hiyo link ya kwanza, wah! No makeup or weave or camera tricks to give them a fake boost. @rexxsimba come see a realistic sample of FINE Kenyan ladies

Hiyo camera setup iko poa. Hizo fake moans ndiyo zinabore

hawa walianikwa na frisk sometime back… very beautiful pussies

That dude may never taste freedom.

The Hedgehog atadinya hadi system,he’s currently bailable at 6m,if not bailed yet,nilimchangia kiasi pale kwa go fund me 2017 . hio ‘me too’ agenda ndo ilicheza vizii,kila dame aliitumia kupata kakiru

He may be bailable but it’s only temporary freedom. He won’t walk, just too many charges including from his co-stars. And he didn’t have much money. One woman said he lived in a one bedroom apartment that looked like a hoarders home.

tight, angusha namba ya simu ya moja wao, nijibambe.

ukibahatika kupata, nichanue pia nijijenge.

Hio 250 years though,hata na discount inakaa fyam

hawa na kaa walikosana.
hao wengine wanajaribu solo na pia na madame wengine.

Fancy Africa alileta Nightbigass, alafu akaenda solo (sahi anaingisha doo pia) but Fancy ako na dame mwingine ndio wananukisha kitunguu

20 tokens = $1;
100 tokens = $5;
500 tokens = $25;
1000 tokens = $50;
10000 tokens = $500;
1 token is worth 5 cents.

wale top kabisaa hupata between 500 to 4000 tokens daily.


Looks like a nice job