Sexual Immorality

R Kelly manenos

Toa muzito r Kelly hapo ,those young girls were prostituted by their mother and aunties ,wao Ndio waliwapeleka to the " beast" r Kelly to get monetary favours from him ,what role did the “mature” woman who trained this young girls about pleasing r Kelly play/ what was her role in the whole syndicate? Feminism will finish society.

Other than food, there is nothing more natural than sex.

sure, must be why the worst diseases arent from food but from sex.

You are one of those jollier than thou people?
Don’t you have sex?

Gatwiri anapenda kujifanya Malaika

Me too movement

This street lately has been infiltrated by soyboys and MANginas. So sad.

I am going to block you. If you know that I have slept with you or anyboddy else I am not married to or that I am living a life that is contrary to the values I push here go ahead and expose my ushetani. Some of you here who want to vilify women, your mothers have sex tapes, then you are here calling women kuguru when the first and biggest kuguru is your own mother. Dont project your mommy issues to all women, all women are not like your mother hard as that may be for you to believe. Yes whatever my flaws maybe mimi ni MALAIKA. Compared to many and even compared to many of your moms. I have never done anything that if my son did it I wouldnt be happy about ok? Can you say the same for yourself or even your parents? If not you need to stop telling me to stop asking people to hold themselves to a higher standard of morality. Go look for a post about where you can get cheaper prostitutes. I dont ask you why you act like the devil when you post stuff thats beneath my standards I ignore. You serve Satan in your posts and leave me in peace to spread the Word of God. Hii forum sio Sabena Joy. Ati if you post about living a morally upright life ni kama umeua mtu, thats how messed up you are, like those guys in Sodom and Gomorah. They didnt only want to live homosexual lives but to make sure even visitors in the town must join them in their debauchery. Your conscience is bothering you ask yourself why. Stop attacking me for speaking the truth.

Kuambia watu wawache umalaya ndio kukua Mangina? You are very lost young man.

damn gal,
Relax your hormones!

Morality is relative. Just because you want to live a certain life doesnt mean that all should. The guy wants to have sex as many times as he wants, let him. I like sex, any one who tries to tell me that its wrong to have sex i treat them with the same contempt as a person who is trying to preach to me.

Usilete mama ya mtu kwa hii kitu bana,

you let me be and i will let you be, that’s a higher moral standard right there. What or whom I do in my bed is none of your concern just like a mans relationship with God is on a Point to Point Link.

Sio kwa ubaya but some pple here wanataka kujifanya they know you more than you know yourself that time you know them mpaka you know their parents. What I have said is that kama napenda kujifanya malaika, bring the evidence that I live an immoral lifestyle. Infact the person who claims to know me is a guy I was in a PhD class with where I dropped out because lecturers were not showing up but this guy who suddenly has a big mouth to talk about me yet he only met me in class is such a coward and corrupt that they just went along with these corrupt lecturers ndio apate PhD, for me I said I cant compromise my Christianity,ati nalipa fees that time the lecturer is not even in the country. If thats the type of PhD I wanted I could have done online. So I left and went elsewhere where things are done the right way though I lost a semester but sikua nimelipa fees, the only person who was in that class who graduated in November was another guy they hated because he was no nonsense and he wasnt a sheep like them to accept nonsense from anyone , anyway I will graduate before them all. I can not compromise my principles to fit in a group, I was raised properly , by the kind of parents who ask you, if the whole world jumped off a cliff would you?

All I am saying is ,why the double standard, if you can post about immoral behaviour freely why should you ostracize others who post about living right, living a morally upright life ? Everybody has free will, Ive not compelled anybody to change I just shared a piece done by a Christian man on how men and even women who would like to live a morally upright life but struggle can achieve it. Why are people feeling disturbed if its not for you enda ukaoshe macho achana na post yangu.

How old are you?

Go ask my mother!

Send me her number.

Who are YOU?

Who died for lack of sex? It’s optional!

If it has a pussy or dick then it needs to Fuck. Moral police policing sex, an act as natural as blinking your eye, have caused irreparable damage to the human race.