Sexual Hygiene; Kenyan Ladies,i love you But you need to know!....

Calm down,Calm down and Relax your tits… But,Ukweli Usemwe.

So i am back in the dating scene again after six months of literally living alone after a nasty divorce.
A few weeks ago i met this Kenyan chick from Nairobi and we hit it off immediately seeing all the things we have in common.
We had our first official date two weekends ago and apart from a peck on the cheek after a dinner date nothing happens.
Last Thursday we hook up again at my place for a “homemade” dinner at my place which ends up in an all night passionate love-making marathon and she leaves the following day.(But not before she forgets to wear her Knickers) which i discover stashed under my pillow.
Jana (Sunday afternoon) we go for a movie and end up in her place where she makes some nice chapos and ndengu stew that i have so missed.
Anyway,i notice that the lighting in her windowless bathroom is so deemed i can barely see anything.
A few bottles of wine later on and we are at it again this time on her settee in the living room.
Now i like to go down on a woman just as much as the next man but as i attempt to do so i am hit by this pungent smell from between her legs and as horny as i am,i know there is no way i am licking that smelly nyap!
I have to be brave now because i dont want to upset the poor lady and for all i know she could be suffering from a Fungal infection that even she isnt aware of!
I proceed to cautiously remove her multi-coloured knickers (turn-off!) and the stench gets even worse… i am not a quitter so i am determined to Finish what i have just started But my cock is telling me No!!!..
In the end i get the Job done (half-heartedly ) i have to mention. And as i watch her orgasmically squeeze her pillow with her long nails while sighing deeply as she cums,i can`t help but wonder why such a beautiful woman is so hygienically un-aware of herself?

I hate to sound cocky and all Macho but i have been with women from many parts of Africa and i honestly can testify before Judge and Jury that Kenyan women are abit “Lacking” when it comes to maintaining a clean nyap. (there;i said it!)
A good example is South African women who will not let you have sex with them before they excuse themselves and “freshen up”. You could be having drunken sex and doing all the caressing and fondling,kissing etc. but the moment you un-dress her she will excuse herself and head for the bathroom.
Tanzanians have a clean nyap anyway seeing that they literally wash their nether regions for any visit to the toilet.
Zimbabwean women will even refer to their man as “the man i wash my pussy for” which says it all.!
There is no way i want to see this woman again and its just because of her bad hygiene.
I love you my Kenyan sisters but Tunaomba Tafathali angalieni hii maneno.
It could be the reason “that guy” never kept in touch ama the reason you don`t get second dates.

Now bring on the “Matusi”.Na staki kuskia ati she doesnt represent all juu this isnt an isolated case.


I fuck only with the dick and fingers, no woman’s pussy is clean enough for my tongue.


Wewe endelea kutolamba nyap; utapata watoto wako ni wa jirani ama watchman Buda!


#ukweliusemwe madame ni wachafu fungua pandoras box n your eyes n nose get can something so good smell so bad.iyo harufu ingeskika nje ata Gava inge cordon off that area for good coz niggas be fainting…sijui iyo strength ya kuignore stink yutoka wapi.for me to go down on u…u must return the favour n lazima uende bafu kwanza.period!!

Picha ya pungent smell please

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I don’t have the guts to make a list of all the gooey stuff that oozes out of a vajay. How a normal person goes down on that thing and licks all that beats me.

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What pisses of Kabisaaaa ni the smell that pigas you ukiwa unachapa doggy style…f*** mtu hawezi request to freshen up before shit goes down

thats why they have the word “oral” in them.
Just slip one of these bad boys in there next time and you are good to go.

Dude…ikiwa ni iyo story…weka hii kwa bedside drawer in case upate the urge ya kugo to town:D:D:D


Give it to her straight like a man, tell her her pussy stinks


@mathiche enyewe hapo umenena

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You need to watch some of those programs where they advise women on personal hygiene. Getrude Mungai had a show sometimes back on k24 and our women need to get advice from their fellow women on how to maintain cleanliness.


I had a tendency back then ya kueka finga for 1st tym kwa new date najidai na hug then nanusa… Call me weird but i could know how clean shw was… Later, no gal i fuck without having a shower. It can be a traumatising smell

some three or four years ago i had this 3o-something visit me and when she saw my laptop she told me ati can you open for me i see those pictures i hear people watch of others fooking…i obliged and soon there was this closeup of a vajay and she went- “Ngai!, uguo niguo gikoragwo kihaana? (God! is that how it looks like?”. A 30-something woman. Think about that!


Yet she can just use a mirror to know how it really looks like. I think Kenya is the most prudish nation together with Somalia in East and Central Africa. That’s why our women are not feminine enough and at times they don’t carry themselves around with grace like their TZ, Rwandan or Ugandan sisters.


heheheheheh… That says it all!
I think some of our women are so “out of touch” with their own sexuality because culturally it is not common/acceptable for even older women /mothers to talk to their daughters about their sexuality. This is very different even with the likes of our Ugandan neighbors who are taught and educated on all matters sexual by their grandmas and Aunties and i think that is our problem.

You said it all Bro and “prudish” is the word here.

If you know what you are doing then you dont have to go anywhere near where all that disgusting discharges come out of. Dont Knock it till youve tried it! and a Man Got to Do what a Man`s got to Do!..