Sex Trafficking of Minors in Eastleigh

Why do women pimp underage girls ? shouldn’t they know better ? I need a scientific answer … feminists @TrumanCapote @Mrs Shosho kujeni mtetee this woman

Not my forte so sina jibu. Not really a feminazi…just not a pushover. Anyone harming a vulnerable person, be they the children, the old, the sick is simply mentally ill and still needs to be punished big.

Somali prostitutes everywhere.

Bcz it’s a man’s world dummy. In matriarchal societies there’s no capitalism, so nobody needs to exploit another to gain dominance. Scientific enough for you? Maybe you should also ask imams, community leaders, cops and intelligence services headed by men why this wasn’t busted sooner until one child almost died of forced abortion

Remember that every thing that you take for granted came to you because of Feminazis. The right to vote, to work outside the home, to not be genitally mutilated Fgm, to chose if, when and who to marry, to drive, to travel, to own property, to get collateral from the bank.Btw these things are still not yet rights for many women in the world today. So for the better life of future generations of women every woman needs to be a Feminazis bcz not being a doormat for the partriachy wasn’t enough then and it isn’t enough now to get better life for all women. You can afford to be not a Feminazi bcz you have rights that were fought for tooth and nail by Feminazis. The irony. Women who do not respect feminism are like children who don’t respect their parents. Mzazi anakusomesha na struggle alafu after you benefit from their struggle you don’t want to be associated with them. Anyway I understand it’s the Stockholm syndrome every marginalized group suffers always want to identify, pacify and be acceptable to the dominant group.

Makena…I don’t need this.

Yah. I know You are not a pushover.


They are oromos