Sex toy business

What does it take to start a sex toy business?

the products and a shop/warehouse

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It all starts with some Capital

It takes Balls. … oh; And Dildos,strap-ons, vibrators and all manner of “unmentionables” that human beings are willing to have inserted in their orifices .

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And the market, you need to know where to get the customers. How you identify them is another thing altogether.

Market iko. That I know for sure

Discretion is the key when selling sex toys. So one option is to sell them online. I have seen others use cocktail parties to sell them - organize a women only party n once they get tipsy bring out the toys.

Have you ever organized anything and got two women, yes two only in your house?

Yes I have - so I don’t get your point. “Women only” means the person organizing should be a woman as well. COMPRENDE!!

I didn’t mean your sisters though I agree they are women.

Nakuelewa - I can see how u would resort to hizo matusi. Especially if growing up the females in your family were known for their dick sucking skills.

Starting with our very own @Lola-

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And our resident nympho, FP

I thought @Female Perspective is a prostitute who needs no sex toys

team dildos cause dick is overrated

I’d rather have my woman cheat on me with a dildo than the real thing

He he, ngoja atoklezee atakujibu Mwenyewe.

double OUCH!

I don’t do toys! Am into the real thing! A Thick Long Cock…I also hate condoms DFHKM!!

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Kidinyi so how much did you pay for my pussy? Did I cum? Can’t keep track of all my clients…