sex style is dependent on girl type

girls do vary differently in shape and size, this effect is also reflected on the bed as you will fuck each differently as for me i will classify them into three groups and the best sex style to use.

the skinny bitches- these girls are either models or suffer from an eating disorder, so how do we exactly feast on them on the bed -cowgirl(she light let her ride).
-doggy-style(but bend her more) .
-the one where you fuck her when she is seated on your laps facing you, you can sit or stand.

the average/slightly curvy-these are the average women not a big ass and no floor wiping titties they are flexible everything you try works o them and most of them are usually freaks in bed.
-hii jaribu 69 oral.
-missionary with one leg on your shoulder(or both).
-advanced doggy-style(pillow on her belly to keep that ass in the air).
-standing(ile mna tombana kama mme simama).

the too curvy/or chubby-in case you become lucky and get hold of sidika and the rest let me show you how to handle that stuff… -missionary(legs have to be spread).
-touch your toes doggy.
-scissors(this is where you fuck from from the side with one leg raised).

semeni yenu wazito…

I don’t like skinny mbishes. There is that bony area around the tw@ that after thrashing the lady, the next day you feel like you have given birth and you start walking in a funny way.

achanao basi

mimi as a conventional husband missionary ni sawa unless ni ile kuma unaiba in a tricky place .

Demonstrate please with visuals sisi wa Africa hatuelewi

Mwarimu cjaelewa…
Examples??? picha

hi kitu haina styles, it just comes out naturally, hamuwezi shindwa kuifanya.

Hizo chubby wacha wamangwe na ndovu, sisi ni 1GB wacha hio bone iume kabisa 1Gb is the only chic where all styles are applicable…momore kuna vitu huwezi jaribu unless unafanya kazi kwa mjengo

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Ango @Nyap kamuliwa Na Ango @uweskende bila kurusha mateke, jinga



hii itasaidia;_ylu=X3oDMTExcDZobDdwBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM1BHZ0aWQDREZENl8xBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1511965276/RO=10/

hii itasaidia

Very simple, bibi anachapwa missionary mastairo tuna wachia makunguru … Mambo ya size hakuna.

Wakanesa wacha kutolea bwanako meno ovyo, bure

In other words the sky is blue

that bony area, you clad it with a 1 inch high density mattress alafu you pump that @Female Perspective until she gets fat

Hahahahha umenimaliza

skinny mbishes unapatia hao ile styro ya Gatlin gun,mikono nyuma,miguu yake imekuzunguka ,alafu ni mambo na 60o0 thrusts per minute
ma 1GB ni missionary tu,fukcers get lazy at some point,
but ma heavy waist,wanapenda kifo cha mende,alafu good thing ni manyondo ziko already karibu na mjulu so unatoka mashinani unachapa nipples kiasi ajue leo ni ile siku aliambiwa itafika.hawaneed kukaa doggy,tayari iko hapo ready.Alafu akiona unaapreciate body yake ,utagonga hio stuff roundi mwenda