Who cares whether it’s the first or the last date? Is it even a date to begin with? If I need to get laid, I must get laid, period! That doesn’t mean am loose (or whatever name-calling that comes to your mind!) , NO! Mature women know what they want and when they want it, no beating around the bush. I want the DICK, then I get the DICK!!



I suspect that this is a man speaking…women can never admit that they want the dick.


We need more of your kind


WRONG!!! I am a woman!

I know! Right? :slight_smile:


who cares whether its the first or 50th date. I had the best relationship with one who was a one night stand that span for four years and we are still good friends. so I dont think the duration before hitting the sack should matter that much


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welcome to the village sexy lady…missed you since klost …you’re a welcome distraction from the likes of @Unicorn

A woman is already usually decided whether she wants to get laid even before she goes for the date. I have laid several on the first date with no resistance or having to beg.
On another note if this is @femaleperspective from Klost karibu. Where have you been??

Tree holder suspected


the first lady thats speaks her mind na hana umama mingi kama some village elders

Very true. Prostitutes don’t mind getting laid at first sight. Am told you don’t even have to know the name of your fuckmate.

these girls like dick too…just to shy to admit it.

Well… Do you want my D…?? I like your Str8 Tlk and im also not bullshitting.

sasa wewe… why would take such an honest statement make it trash. Thats why majority of women dnt cum, coz hey dnt want to sound like ‘sluts’. Brw hapo umeongea mharo tupu.

Marketing level 9

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Waiting for Klost!

Wewe usinitaje ovyo ovyo. Omba coomer kivyako.