Sex is overrated.

And pure shit too. I paid 32k just to have her come over to my home town. I financed everything she needed. I then spent two days and two nights with her. But I discovered that this thing we glorify is pure nonsense! Total waste of resources, time and energy.

Game yako iko chini …hata @uwesmake hutuambia


PNC is a b***h

true … after you cum you come to your fucking senses

PNC. Damn, 32K?

True brother.

Kweli kabisa

Yes. Just to cum!

Hormones itamalisa sisi wanaume

naona flight ililipwa hapa :D:D:D

Just jana, there’s a hot chile who tried to rope me into a sex road-trip from Friday to Monday but from quick calculations, I arrived at a 30k cost. Nikaruka 15 feet away. Sa hizi simu zake narudisha after 3 hours. I am enjoying the fruits of being mature.

Bado kumwaga ndani ya kuma and looking her straight in the face akidrip cum na kublush is the best feeling in the milky way galaxy

Stop paying for it. The n you will appreciate it. Sivyo, it will be just another investment to be milked to the max.

Watching a movie is more fun!

Watching a movie is more fun!

It’s hard to avoid paying for it nowadays.

32K ulizikojolee tu hivo???..

32k? Was that pussy carrier flying in from Malaysia ??

Jipe shughuli watakuja. Don’t act desperate and you will get them. Just be in the business of making money