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Your thread title is misleading. It is Sevilla vs Manchester Utd. Correct it please.

This game will end with an X2. Something has been very wrong of late with Sevilla’s defence.

Probably he doesn’t know the difference and is wondering what you are correcting.

Sevilla 2 Manchester united 2

Sanchez haamini ako Champions League na alianzia season akiwa Europa.

United 2 Sevilla 0

Ni hand bag wamebeba ama

Mourinho leo aliamkia bangi na managu si chai…wtf is this?? We are fucked!!

Meanwhile for my ferro gabrass (that’s pnu for fellow gamblers), hii ni slip ya me. You can divide in two’s or go all in.


Game ya Chelsea Sunday manenoz.

Nipeo rink tafasali wadauwoo

Lousy defense and midfield

Sevilla have benched Wissam Ben Yeddar and he’s their goose that golden eggs. Sarrabia and Correa are in though so they’ll be going for goals.

ManU will park the bus

Oh and for others, Shakhtar game will be showing on Ktn.

Pogba walikatsiana na moureenwhore :D:D

Its the designated free to air game.
Iko kila pahali.
KTN, kwese TV, GOTV na Signs TV (:))

Ooh sikujua. Asante :wink:

De gea woi asante sana, wouldn’t want to think where we’d be the last few years without you

Venye Sevilla wanacheza jo, man u we shud be careful, thanks de gea

Sielewi shida ni gani.