Seven East lands estates to be demolished

Watu wa Jer, maringo, uhuru na kadhalika wajipange

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Ndindu anaishi ngomong’o


Old clip

Looong overdue, they should have been demolished in 1996 when they built a Pilot Project at one of Muthurwa’s Corner opposite City Stadium.

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Gentrification… the number of chaps who “inherited” those homes from their parents and relatives and that are going to go back home or straight into slums is going to skyrocket!


guys have also been “selling” those houses to other people


This I support, this should have been done years ago.

Na hawa wasee huuzaje hizi manyumba na ni za Kanjo?

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Ni goodwill huwa inauzwa. Lakini hio amount hapo is overpriced.

Hii Kenya hata KICC unaeza uziwa. Depends on how lazy you are to do due diligence.