I have watched dozens of south African doccies and at some point the killer name AIDS always pops up.
They( narrators ) carelessly mention how a good 5 million people are suffering from HIV AIDS.
This reminded me of another documentary from Aljazeera

Seems like seuth EFRIKA also had the same issue coz kuna documentary about the same pia

If by any chance mtu ashai ona the 7 14 21 28up series kwa aljazeera uta realize kuna participants watatu walikufa na reason ni AIDS.

Another point pia nliona school uniform zao ni very exposing

Minors who rape fellow minors walk out freely I learned that in this documentary

Then there is negligence ya serikali from as kitambo as 2001

Mecho mekuwa swafii sana

SA Pekejeng ndio mambo yote


hio shida ni KZN province pekee.

Barbaric customs like eating monkeys, raping children and inheriting wives is what we have yet to eliminate after almost 40 years of the disease.

Hallooooo… My heart is telling me no, but my body, my body is telling me yes *insert R.Kelly voice here…


Ukikumbuka you’re almost turning 40 halafu uone vitu kama hizo.



Wacha wapambane na hali yao

Kama hizo ndio uniform, kazi ya walimu ni ngumu sana huko.

My eyes are clean. But naskia ile ukedi iko SA na Botswana is worse.


Tunaeza sema uko ni blackspot[ATTACH=full]244102[/ATTACH]

The pedo in you caused you to illustrate the uniforms way beyond what was necessary for scientific purposes.

[COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)]Seuth Efrika…!!!

If I am a pedo what Does it make The guys who came up with that kind of skimpy 'kerchief for a uniform

We will keep saying this. That the HIV/AIDS hypothesis needs to be investigated. First, we need to know for sure if the HIV thing is sexually transmitted, or it is something that some people have naturally. Because there are individuals who are involved in all manner of things, yet they somehow never get the alleged virus. They remain -ve all through. Then you have others who have never been sexually active, and they are +ve! And even for those who are +ve, it would be good to know what exactly that translates into. Juu you find many individuals who are +ve, they don’t take drugs, and somehow they never progress to AIDS. As for the alleged HIV deaths, you have to understand that everytime a HIV +ve person dies, it is automatically recorded as a ‘HIV death’ (regardless of whether it is in fact the HIV itself that killed the bugger or if he died from something that would have killed him with or without the virus). If there wasn’t so much money in this area, there would be independent research…

Nakuelewa bro. Africa needs to understand the disease. Nikikuwa trillionea naweka lab tunafanya research tupate antidote.

I have indicated before that: It is sexually transmitted but also can be transmitted where infected fluids enter the bloodstream of other people. You can fuck an infected person dry-fry and not get it as long as there are no breakages in the skin to allow this to happen!! And also when the viral load is too low.

The numbers have been dwindling significantly from 2006 up-to date. My worry is that muzungus naweza fumbua mbinu ingine ya kutumalisa.