Settler Colonialism in Africa

When you come across Aboriginals of Australia, New Zealand or Natives of Both South and North America, Canada etc, you can’t stop feeling sad for them. Imagine your population/race being wiped out and replaced by another race, and there is nothing you can do about it. I concluded that God or gods really love Africans or they’re simply lucky since the Whiteman never achieved his goal.

The white man achieved his goal in Kenya.Acres and acres of ranchlands still held by the remnants of early British colonizers in Nanyuki,Laikipia,Rumuruti and Kinangop.Acres and acres of land still held by greek descendants of basil criticos in taita taveta.Acres and acres of tea land held by conglomerates owned by descendants of early British settlers in Kiambu and Kericho and Kisii.Acres and acres of land owned by delmonte and sasini in Thika.Any local who trespasses is either beaten to the point of death or is literally raped in the ass.

But still not the same as Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada etc whereby there was a total replacement of the native population. The only country that almost become a fully Whiteman’s land was Rhodesia and maybe South Africa. Fortunately, whites couldn’t breed faster than blacks.

All aborigines,maoris,and native americans(who occupied canada as well akin to maasai Ke/Tz) were displaced and flunged into reservations,i call it concentration camps,they couldnt leave the area for anything. In australia it was worse,the white folks kidnapped abo kids and intergrated them with whites for breeding to remove the blackness. Hadi leo,the indigenous have no proper rights. Thats the type of bullet we coons dodged


There was one called racial whitening in Brazil. This method was used by the Portuguese to do away with the native and black trait. The portuguese would rape a native or black woman. She would give birth to a biracial kid. If the kid was a girl, she would be taken and put aside from the native community and once she becomes of age, she would be raped by the portuguese and the resulting child from there would be white doing away with the black/native genes. If the kid born was male she would be crossbred with portuguese women to bring forth a white offspring after which he would then be enslaved till death. These people were just savages.!

Another reason why the White man was able to clamp down on the Aborigines and native people of the Americas was because he reached those lands earlier than when he came to Africa. Christopher Columbus reached south America in the late 14th century. British reached America in the 15th century. In Africa White man came in late 18th centuries when the population was so huge so killing all Africans was a tall order. The white man was just evil.

God loves Africans so much he didn’t lift a finger to help them in their suffering.

How I wish we had a white majority country in Africa we confirm whether our undevelopment is due to geography or the natives’ firmware

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There is nothing too unique that would have happened. Africans in Kenya would have been depopulated, and living like paupers in reserves or working in European farms like slaves.

I read how they cleansed Tasmania of natives. The british/australian army basically formed a 300km long line along one edge of the island and then in one move they swept across the whole island and killed or captured all natives. The captured natives were deported to some hostile islands in the pacific where they died of disease and starvation. Then the whites were settled in the new depopulated lands.

White people are ruthless scavengers

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White savages are getting a dose of karma for sure


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