Setting up the GTMedia V8 satellite finder


Wakubwa, how do I add the DStv satellite (it’s the dish and decoder I currently have) so I can test the signal from the wall outlet?

Without an alphanumeric keypad, my guess is that pressing the physical OK button (the one between the navigation (arrow) keys opens an on-screen keyboard. If not, then pressing the up and down arrow keys scrolls through the alphabet, while the left and right keys move the cursor.

I asked uncle Gugu and found out that Multichoice migrated to the Intelsat 20 satellite in 2012, using the Ku-band for its DTH television services. I knew that the GT* comes with some preset satellites and on scrolling a bit, bam! I saw the following:


After a blind scan, I can now watch channels on the finder. Can’t wait to get a big dish and an S2 decoder!


I can see you acquired one. Where did you get it from?

Huko Luthuli. Was needed urgently so decided not to import. Btw, ulilipishwa duty mangapi when you imported yours?

No duty at all. Juu it was through kilmall and not aliexpress

For anyone else wondering about the same (import, customs duties and taxes) when buying things from overseas via Kilimall or Jumia, no, you don’t get charged extra for these. The prices quoted on both platforms already include those charges, so what you see is what you pay and nothing else.

Duka gani na ni how much. Asking for myselufu.

I got it at 8k. I don’t remember the name of the shop. You can also find it on jiji. However, if not in a hurry, you will get it at 6k on Kilimall: Satellite Finder - FTA and IPTV - Kenya Talk

Bro, is it worth it from your end?

Absolutely. Depends on what you need it for. Makes multiple installation testing a breeze. Will also come in handy for me once i begin exploring the world of FTA. Pays for itself in no time considering how much those installation guys charge even for a dish re-positioning whenever they get nudged off their optimum positioning

Anyone brief a brother on how this satellite finder device works please… Naiskianga tu

Anzia hapo gugu na YouTube.

Subsaharan Ds is not on Intelsat 20, its on Eutelsat 36B.
Ds SA is the one on Is20.

I can’t find Eutelsat 36B on my v8 finder…How do I get to it?