Seriously searching for a job

Wadau and village birrionares saidieni hapa. It’s been one year since graduating lakini kazi nimetafuta sijapata. Currently in Nairobi but ready to work anywhere in the country. Sichagui wala sibagui kazi. Sande

Ni kubaya ukiona even attractive women hawachagui kazi. I saw one pushing a trolley akibeba bottled water

Unfortunately siku hizi nikujuana or start a business.Mimi niliona niazishe biashara ya importing and selling of cars which i came to love.It has a lot of free time,Hakuna drama za workmates mara sijui meetings.Sijui working hours.I am my own boss and do what i want and whenever i want.

You could start by telling the rich cats what your qualifications are and what you’re looking for.

All the best.

How much capital for a start?

That’s the basis

Hata Mimi ntatafuta kazi yoyote ile, bora inataka bidii yangu, Hii ya freelance nakaa Sana before ninukishe kitunguu kwangu

where did you get the money to start the business in the first place!

must require capital. how much did you begin with?

Please remember to always state your qualifications. Anyway good luck.

dont be a drone… utaandika CV hadi udedi think outside the box kuna lots of opportunities out there a simple place to start ni online writing that got me through uni alafu venture into business ama enda middle east for awhile

Kama your folks have land, you can take a loan, buy a car and enter uber where you will be the driver. From my discussions with drivers, it’s a worthwhile venture.

Between 420k and 450k you can import toyota passo and sale above 500k depending on your target profit.470k capital is enough but i recommend you have at least 500k.

Previous employment.

That’s what you should have said in the first place. Sio kumpoteza huyo ndugu

Hii online writing ina husu nini?I have seen it been mentioned here a lot.

He can talk to his parents or guardians to give him some capital to start a little business.

Yenyewe its tough nowadays. Juzi our HR alipigiwa na mhindi akitafuta any job.

Folks’ Land and Uber. how are the two related?

HR mgani?Ama ni @old monk.:smiley: