Seriously need help hapa

Juzi i asked @makanika introvert here what the issue could be if my car inajirusha rusha ikikata mafuta nkiwa kwa njia nkaambiwa ni fuel pump even after my mech saying that is the issue .Nmechange fuel pump the problem is still there .I have changed the plugs, nkaangaliliwa distributer, changed the fuel pump mpaka nkaita mtu wa wire and it persists .P.s when the car is on idling haikati mafuta . Anyone with a clue because i have ran out of ideas .

Those cables that run torches spark plugs , have you checked them ?
That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Change lead wires

They are new .Ata ikiwa idling utaipea mafutaa to 5000rpm na haita kata but gear ikiwa engaged inaanza mambo .

When you say kurukaruka you mean jerking? Have you monitored the revs, speed and gear under which the issue occurs? Is it diesel or petrol?

Can’t figure out any thing else , get that car to a garage with those lifts and get it raved up and see what happens .

change the side mirrors & ensure the number plate light is switched on at all times.

4 possible culprits

  1. mass airflow sensor
  2. wrong spark plugs (using ngk instead of denso and vice versa)
  3. miss on one or two cylinders (also related to 2 above)
  4. mild detonation / pinging which could range from bad fuel to item 1 or 2 above

What’s the make and model?

Gari ina Kifafa au seizures,CT scan mara hio hio.

Sv what is the “wisdom” behind this? ama watu wa footsubishi Tucheze mbali

apa sparta nikukaa kando bana si sumbui

hapa sujui kitu

Once had that problem. Replaced the fuel pump and stopped using Total Excellium shida ikaisha. There is a high probability that you recently fueled at a Total station. Lakini mimi sio makanika…

Yes jerking na ikidai kuzima and gear ni yoyote uwe namba yoyote moja to five .

Believe me you pump ndo ya kwanza kubadilisha na mafuta ni engen pekee .

  1. sijaangalia 2. ngk sparking plugs [new] 3 . 6 cylinders can run on four alone but haina miss 4. I seriously dont know there .I trust Engen na mafuta yao .

I had the same issue due to maf sensor. Car used to idle okay but nothing above 2000rpm.

  1. what’s the car model
    2)which plugs did you buy?
  2. it’s not a matter of trusting engen, their fuel could be the best but below the RON rating for your car (this is always clearly indicated inside your fuel tank cap)

Have you ever done a diagnostic test?

Galant vr6 . NGk ndo niutumie pekee .Engen is next to home plus no other one is close .