Serious title Contenders.

I think Chelsea and man city are the only teams showing thirst to clinch the EPL title.sarri ball is effective plus Chelsea ikiongeza reinforcements in the January transfer window haiwes shikika.

Bado mapema … mpaka all top 5 teams play each other .

Either way kati ya Arsenal na Liverpool :smiley:

Napea arsenal benefit of doubt of late form yao iko on steroids.

Hawachezi poa but considering only Arsenal na Liverpool ndio hawajapoteza points to any bottom 15 team , that’s a good sign for them .

Bottom 15 teams kuna 90 points ziko available kushinda in a season . Kuchapa top 4 team halafu team ndogo inakushinda , hiyo inakuwa zero work .


united fan vipi?

True hawachezi but they are winning, if they win their next three matches then their confidence will be fully back and they can compete for the cup.

I will go by the predictions of Ian Wright phillips when the league was beginning. Liverpool then Mancity. Chelsea ni moto ya karatasi that will be dimmed the day Hazard will unavailable. As for Arsenal top 4 is a sure bet but winning bado iko kibarua.

Thats what Wenger could not enforce. THE ART OF WINNING UGLY. I hope Unai manages to make it stick to the boys otherwise Chelsea are so good at it and Liverpool are a beauty to watch thanks to learning how to win Ugly. We gotta learn it too.

Chelsea naona watachapa very soon