Serikali Saidia

Hey nerds. I have a serious problem. I cannot access facebook using my home wi-fi. Nikijaribu na phone it works perfectly but with the computer inakataa. How do I solve this problem? Pia ina-affect kenyatalk siwes load picha I can only view photos on the phone.

I am contemplating restoring the computer to a past date but before I do it, I would like to know your thoughts. Also, there is no guarantee that it will work.

@Jazzman niaje. Mimi pia photos in ktalk cant load frm computer but kwa phone they load very well

@admin @administrator saidia

They are loading well sir

Wapi mono baller

I don’t understand you sir

Kende mosi…anauliza kende mosi yuko wapi?

Achana na admin anasumbua

Have a good eve bro! Are you a coder?

I also noticed that I cannot open videos when using the Brave browser.


Hata mimi using brave browser picha haziload kwa phone

Watu wa brave tuko na shida aki… Juu honestly the same problem here when loading any pics… Admin check that out pliz…


Unatumia ISP gani?
Nikitumia safcom fiber imekuwa na iyo shida.Lakini nikiwekelea bundles za airte inafungua fisuli
Mepigia safcons wakacheza na settings kawa sawa

Safcom fiber.

Hapo ndio sida iko

will check it out how rendering is done in Brave

It has to do with proxy servers and ports. Configure the correct one

Computer imezeeka